Work Cover Claim Lawyers South Australia

If you are a resident of South Australia and an unfortunate victim of a workplace accident for no fault of your own, you may be considering your options on whether or not to hire a proficient work cover claim lawyer. Experts in the legal profession say that if your injuries are minor and it is possible for you to resume your responsibilities in current place of employment within a week, there is no need to hire such a professional. However, if your injuries result in permanent disability, you need to hire the services of such a specialist to claim adequate compensation to pay for the medical expenses, psychological trauma and loss of remuneration.

These experts go on to say that there are three important reasons why you need to have a proficient legal professional with valuable experience in this field to take up your case before a jury in a court of law.These are as follows:

Your employers or insurance company denies your claim

The legal representative of the insurance company that provide funds for workers compensation to your employer are always looking for reasons to prevent you from getting the money you deserve. They may go out of their way to prove the that incident did not occur during normal working hours or was the result of your own negligence. Again, they may argue in court that you did not file your suit within the time applicable under the statute of limitation. This is why it is important to have a proficient legal professional by your side who is knows how to handle your case and is aware of the legal procedure.

The extent and nature of your injuries is under question

When a workplace accident occurs where you suffer serious bodily injuries, your employer normally appoints a doctor of his/her choice to evaluate the extent of your wounds. When courts take up your case for hearing, the lawyers of the insurance company may urge that such injuries do not result in any form of disability, which make you illegible to claim any kind of compensation. However, when you appoint a proficient legal professional who handles work cover claims to take up your case, he/she can ask a different medical practitioner to assess the injuries. The judge can then ask this specialist to appear in court and offer his/her impartial opinion as to whether the injuries result in permanent or temporary disability.

Complicating the issues by claiming pre-existing conditions

The lawyers of the insurance company may state that your injuries may be from a pre-existing medical condition and not the result of any workplace accident in any attempt to deny you any form of compensation. Only a proficient legal professional with adequate experience in handling work cover claims can help you to prove before the judge that current injuries is result of an accident in your workplace.

When you suffer from a serious workplace accident, the funds you receive from a worker compensation to be the only source of money you have to pay for medical expenses and to sustain your family. Hiring a proficient legal expert who specialises in work cover claims can help you get the money you are entitled to.